The path of the Ark 

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Key Witnesses  on the Sighting of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat 

(Genesis 8:4)



JACOB CHUCHIAN (1890-1900)


ED DAVIS     (1943)








Jacob Chuchian  is an Armenian of Ortulu, a small village on the southwestern side of Ararat. His son Arthur, born about in 1915, claimed that his father Jacob saw the Ark a number of times between the age of 9 and 19. In 1975, when interviewed by minister Stuart Brassie, Arthur discussed the path to the Ark. This is one of the accounts where it is affirmed with most details and precision the exact place of the Ark. Let's examine it attentively… (p.364 The Explorers of Ararat by Corbin)



Near the clear spring well not far from the village (Ortulu) they took a goat path that traversed the grasslands on the western side of the mountain. The  goat path took them in the direction of the snow-finger and led them in a north east directions around the mountain. He says that one can avoid the tremendous winds by the path.                                                                                                                        

They passed Lake Kop on the left. Chuchian says his father told him that he could see where the Ark is from the rim of the crater of Lake Kop. However, he says that you would have to know exactly where it is or you would not see it. He says that after passing Lake Kop, they continued in a north-easterly direction around the mountain. In doing so, the path led through small valleys and along rock walls.

Sometimes they had to climb almost on their hands and knees as they gained altitude. From his father’s directions, he says it is approximately two canyons to  the east of Lake Kop. This isolated canyon that the Ark is in is very difficult to locate. Is supposedly within a larger canyon.

Once the right canyon is located, the goat trail will continue on the  right  side  of  the  canyon  up  a  slight grade.  The  path  then separates at some point. The left branch takes you to below the cliff on which the Ark rests. The right branch will take you up and around to a cliff  over-looking a bowl or cove. The path will dead-end at a rock wall. At this point, if one looks  to the left and down, one can see the Ark which is about 100 feet down from that vantage point. The canyon is surrounded by small peaks especially on the left side. At one time, his father says, another trail led down from the top right to the Ark...