Ark Dimensions 

The ark in the Genesis book is measured in cubits. A linear measure roughly corresponding to the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. (De 3:11) infact cubit derives from the Latin cubitu(m) namely elbow. The Bible points out two lengths of the cubit, that shorter of 45,4(5) and that longer than a palm (7,4 cms) correspondingto 51,8 cms that appear in the measures of the temple of the Ezechiele vision. (Ez 40:5) Perhaps a third measure the shortest was also used, measured by the elbow to the knuckles of the closed hand of around 38 cms (Gdc 3:16)It seems from the eyewitnesses that with the ark the longer cubit has been used. Insofar the measures would correspond to the sketch below.  It is esteemed that nowadays they are about 17.000 kinds of mammalian, amphibians, reptiles and birds, Calculating that the middle measure of such animals is comparable of a sheep, there would be not only space in the ark for two of every kind but thousand of kind it.