Studies by Angelo Palego


Building Noah'Ark  

  "And in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat"

Genesis 8:4  

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The geographical area of Ararat (about 200 Km. circumference) including Great Ararat (5165 m high) and Little Ararat (3925 m high), was properly moulded by "God's finger" so that after 4370 years when the diluge happened, as Genesis states in chap. 8, vers. 1- 13, it is possible to locate Noah's Ark with astonishing precision.
In other words it is just the Bible itself tells us the true spot where the Ark came to land on Great Ararat.  


On reading the Bible (Gen 7:11) we know that the waters of the deluge fell about November 2 - 2370 B.C.; after 40 days and 40 nights (Gen. 7:17) it stopped raining and the waters on the earth began to go down. After 110 days (that is 150 days from the beginning of the diluge) the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. (Gen. 8:4). Seventy-three days passed,the waters continued to go down so Noah could see the "tops" of the mountains. (Gen. 8:5). With a simple mathematical proportion, because of the difference in height between Great Ararat (5165 m) and Little Ararat (3925 m) I could establish at what altitude Noah's Ark grounded on Great Ararat;(4800 m "position A" of photo 21 enclosed). Please, see diagram "Phases of the Universal Flood" enclosed.   



In Genesis 7:12, we read: "And the downpour upon the earth went on for forty days and forty nights;" the waters fell then from November 2nd to December 12 th, 2370 BC. Since in Genesis 8:3-4 it is said: "And the waters began receding from the earth, progressively receding; and at the end of a hundred and fifty days the waters were lacking. And in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat," which means that the Ark came to rest on about April 2, 2369 BC. This permitted to me locate the Ark! And how? Dear readers, that which follows is simply stupendous! Follow me carefully since you will see "one who is higher than the most high" model the geography of the Ararat area to hide Noah's Ark on the only one point possible of the mountain, a point that can be identified in the verses of the above cited Genesis. Genesis 8:5 says: "And the waters kept on progressively lessening until the tenth month. In the tenth month, on the first of the month, the tops of the mountains appeared ."

We are speaking of June 16, 2369 BC. To be able to see the peak of Little Ararat which is 11 km distant, it would be necessary that about 100 m of the peak be already emergent. Both in Genesis 8:3 and in Genesis 8:5 it is said that the waters retreated progressively. At this point the game's up. There are not any other mountains around it except for Little Ararat at 3,925 m elevation. So where is the Ark? Since it took 110 days (that is 150 as in Genesis 8:3, less 40 for the fall of the waters) to descend from the peak of Ararat (which is 5,165 m high) till coming to rest; and 73 days after coming to rest Noah saw the peak of Little Ararat (3925 - 100 = 3825 m), the Ark had to be at a height proportional to: 5165 - 3825 = 1340 m the difference in height between Big Ararat and Little Ararat already 100 m ca. emergent. 110 + 73 = 183 days total amount of time for waters to descend from the peak of Big Ararat to the peak of Little Ararat, which was already 100 m above water level. So with a simple proportion: 

1340 : 183 = x : 110 ; x = 800 m  

The Ark had to come to rest at about 800 m below the Big Ararat peak, and that is: 5165 - 800 = 4365 m (Ark's theoretical location )                        

 The elevation of 4365 m is only the theoretical position, assuming that the waters retreated at a constant rhythm. In reality, however, we know that the oceanic trenches were formed under the pressure of the weight of the water that weighed on the earthly crust and that consequently the retreat of the waters wasn't constant but rather as in Genesis 8:3 and 8:5: the waters retreated progressively, that is, at an ever greater speed. That means that the Ark came to rest at an elevation higher than the 4,365 m theoretical elevation. Beside, we don't know how many meters of Flood waters over the peak of Big Ararat. The Bible says that the highest peaks were covered by 15 cubits (about 7 m). We cannot however think that Ararat was the highest peak in the world. 

This means in reality that Ark came to rest closer to the peak of Big Ararat, 5165m.         


How was the way ? Just the Bible indicates the right height where the Ark stopped on Great Ararat. (position A at 4800 m)



On which side of the mountain did the Ark stop ?  

We read the Bible what it say... 



8 After that God remembered Noah and every wild beast and every domestic animal that was with him in the ark, and God caused a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters begin to subside. 2 And the spring of the watery deep and the floodgates of the heavens became stopped up, and so the downpour from the heavens was restrained. 3 And the waters began receding from off the earth, progressively receding; and at the end of a hundred and fifty days the waters were lacking. 4 And in the seventh mounth on the seventeenth of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ar'a rat. (2 April) 5 And the waters kept on progressively lessening until the tenth month. In the tenth month, on the first of the month, the tops of the mountains appeared. (16 June) 6 So it occured that at the end of forty days Noah proceeded to open the window of the ark that he had made. 7 After that he sent out a raven, and it continued flying outdoors, going and returning, until the waters dried off the earth. 8 Later he sent out from him a dove to see whether the waters had abated  


9 And the dove did not find any resting-place for the sole of its foot, and so it returned to him into the ark because the waters were yet upon the surface of the whole earth. At that he put is hand out and took it and brought it to himself inside the ark. 10 And he went on waiting still another seven days, and once again he sent out the dove from  the ark. 11 Later on the dove came to him about the time of evening and look! there was an olive leaf freshly plucked in its bill,  and so  Noah got      to know that the waters had abated from   the  earth. 12 And he went on waiting still another seven days. Then he sent out the dove, but did not come back again to him anymore. 13 Now in the six hundred and first year, in the first month, on the first day of the month it came about that the waters had drained from off the earth;  and Noah proceeded to remove the covering (16 Sept.) of the ark  and to look, and here the surface of the ground had drained dry. 14 And in the second month, on the twentyseventh day (12 Nov.) of the month, the earth had dried off.  



On studying Gen. 8:1-13 we realize that the Ark has an only window on one side.
Infact Gen. 8:6 reads: ...... " Noah proceeded to open the window of the ark that he had made."
"The" is determinative article! It doesn't read "a" window..... The Gen. 8:8 read: "Later he sent out from him a dove to see... it is evident the fact that with only one window Noah was able to see only in front of himself and could not know what the situation was on the sides and at the back of the Ark...
Gen. 8:13 confirms the statement of the Ark with an only window, infact we read: "...and Noah proceeded to remove the covering of the ark and to look, and here the surface of the ground had drained dry"......
When Noah got out the covering of the Ark staying on the roof, could rotate at 360°,finally he succeded in seeing that the earth was a drained dry all around him and in the bottom.
The question that rises is: did God why make a ship built with only one window in spite of any logical project? The reason is simple: Noah had a narrow visual angle just because there was only one window and from "position A" , Noah had to see the "tops" of the mountains (Gen. 8:5) .  




Sistine Chapel - Vatican.  


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News of Noah's Ark reached, of course,the Vatican in Rome. At the beginning of 1500, Michelangelo painted the ark with only one window in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. 








Mosaic on Basilica S.Marco in Venice. XIII century.

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Marco Polo,the Venetian traveller, passing near Mt.Ararat in 1269, wrote in his book,"Il Milione" that the Ark was near the top of Great Ararat Of course the Armenians living at the foot of Ararat, let Marco Polo see the  drawings of Noah'Ark. 

This is the reason for which we find a mosaic in the Basilica in Venice after trip of Mark Polo. The mosaic shows the ark of Noah with an only window on a side.


On 2 July 1840 Mount Ararat exploses, than Noah's Ark 156 m long broke into two pieces. The pieces         D ~56 mlong, slipped towards the "Abich 2 Glacier" and during the years reached Ahora Gorge at 3960 m   level, partially buried in "Araxes Glacier".

The piece B, 100 m long, slipped down from 4800 m level (position A), to 4300 m level. It was covered    by snow and ice so every now and then, it can be partially seen during summer time.

On slipping, this piece B missed its basement deck which stopped in a lateral arm of "Parrot Glacier" at 4065 m level (position C).  



Look Animation















Because the Little Ararat is near the Great Ararat, Noah has a narrow angle to see the tops. This gives us the right position where Noah's Ark stopped and remained until July 1840 A.D. Genesis 8:5 reads:    "..the tops of the mountains appeared.

" Only from the "position A" is possible to see the tops of Great and Little Ararat contemporaneously,  with an only window on 4800 mt. high flat balcony. I found the three upper decks, 100 m long, 26 m   large and 14 m high. (position B at 4300 m of height).

Any other emergent top of 100 m and superior to the quota of 3800 m was possible to see! They were all too much distant. The more neighbor is to 90 Km and is the Mount Aragac of 4090 m of height. 

When Noah removed the coverage of the ark and he could climb on the roof, it was able to rotate to 360° and he finally succeeded in seeing that the earth around everything was dry. Someone think that the ark of Noah had a system of multiple windows developed around four sides and they identifies such system with the biblical word “TSOHAR”. If so it is clear that the location of the ark through only one window side it would have no sense. Others think that the TSOHAR was instead an opening on the roof that allowed the passage of the light and the circle of the air and they remains of the idea that the ark had one only window. The facts are for this last hypothesis. 

A simulation has shown as the diffusion of the light would have been optimized through a Tshoar on the roof: 


Tshoar above the roof

wpe3.jpg (7363 byte)

 Tshoar under the roof





Looking at this map is noticed a beautifull plateau long 600m and wide 200 mt equal to 15 football fields, where the ark stopped him in position A. 


When Noah went out of the ark, the animals could find space and grass to eat to sufficiency. A plateauof these dimensions to a quota of 4800 mt! Also in this case we can say without doubt that the “God's finger” has moulded the mountains. 




Sequence deluge

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Angelo Palego, region of Marche origin, Piedmontese of adoption, it is a sagacities and impassioned researcher of the Bible and he is a guide of a group the Noahsark Team, that is giving the best of himself for the triumph of the truth. Well known in the journalistic environment, the author has lived the most electrifying some experiences that you can imagine: the location of the Noah's ark. 

The expeditions effected by this group have served only to confirm with mathematics precision what Palego had already discovered in the Bible. 
With the publication of this work, the whole world is set of forehead to an unbecoming reality: the universal deluge, with the waters above the existing tallest mountains in that age. 
The next consignment they will have as objective the recovery of the finds in wood already located or in other places. 
We invite you to follow the most fascinating adventure that the human history has ever lived and to prepare you to a change of rout that the scientific and archaeological world will be forced to effect by further tests that soon time they will weigh on the wisdom of this world like a boulder on a veil of dust. 


Certificate from the Technological academy of Armenia 

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