Ed Davis in 1943, was a young Sergent in the Army Corps of Engineers in Hamadan. He befriended a group of Moslems, a family named Abas. He did some favors for this family and they felt vey indebted to him. So they decided to bring Davis to the sacred Ark on Mt. Ararat 
Elfred Lee has interviewed Ed Davis for days, about 15 years after he had interviewed Hagopian. Ed Davis’ account was also reliable and the path to the Ark corresponded exactly to that described by Hagopian. Both arrived from the same direction passing through the same places, namely Abas-Abas village, Jacob's Well, etc.

Also Ed Davis was submitted to the lie dectetor test as well and resulted of his testimony were also accurate (p. 393 The Explorers of Ararat by Corbin)


Davis mentioned Domsday Rock and Camel’s Back. Ahmet Arslan that probably knows Mt. Ararat better that any others known explorer…, says that Doomsday Peak is at the and of Camel’s Back trail, wich he claimed Hagopian used on one of his trip, on the western wall of tha Ahora Gorge. Davis said also that climbed steeply several kms to see the broken pieces of the Ark in a Canyon after going around Doomsday Rock. (pp. 394-95 The Explorers of Ararat by Corbin)







Fernand Navarra climbed Ararat in 1952, '53, '55 and in 1969 together with Elfred Lee, in the expedition named SEARCH. On that occasion they extracted some woods from the Parrot Glacier. Navarra would have seen a dark shadow in the ice about 150 feet long,  in 1952 then in 1953 and finally with the extraction of the wood in 1955. Lee has spent a lot of time with Hagopian, Davis and Navarra and he sustains that Navarra was on the same place of Davis and Hagopian was. Navarra also told me some things that he had told anyone else. The wood that expedition SEARCH found had come down from an upper area where Navarra have seen wood before, and where Hagopian said he saw the Ark…Parrot-Heyelani area.      (p.62-65-66-76 The Explorers of Ararat of Corbin)