George Hagopian is an Armenian that claimed to have seen Noah's Ark two times, when he was a little boy, around 1900 and 1905. It took Hagopian and his uncle eight days to reach the high grazing areas and glacier of Mt. Ararat, from the city of Van. The primary reason to travel to Ararat was a four year drought, which caused the death of the sheep in the Lake Van area. Due to a prolonged absence of precipitations the Ark was completely uncovered. They reached it and Hagopian, helped by his uncle, climbed a small artificial staircase up to the roof of the Ark.

In 1987  weather records database was checked at the time Hagopian claimed he saw the Ark. For four years (1901-1904), the temperature and precipitation were so abnormal, that they were off of charts. George Hagopian was a very honest person with a good reputation. As to his integrity, he had a PSE test, the lie dectetor test, and he was found to tell the truth. (pp.79 and 372 The Explorers of Ararat by Corbin)

Interview by Elfred Lee to George Hagopian


Sketches by Elfred Lee under the descriptions of George Hagopian.

Rocks and ledge… Ark was overhanging a cliff



Gerorge Hagopian confermed to Elfred Le e, that the Ark landed above the Parrot Glacier. It is possible that the wood from the Ark, drifted down into the Ahora Gorge in the north, and also towards the Parrot Glacier to the west. (p.65 The Explorers of Ararat by Corbin)

Hagopian declared both to Lee and to Crawford president of SEARCH, that he never saw  lake Kop and he did not reach the moraine of Parrot glacier. Therefore this  means that, coming from the Ahora Gorge on the left, Hagopian stopped before arriving at the lake on the right!